Kansas City

Designed in the USA

Alongside New York and Paris, Kansas City was once a global leader in Fashion. Kansas City's rich fashion history includes being the home of the nations first out door shopping mall, the 21st century's largest garment factory in the world, and where fashion icon Kate Spade grew up. At TealHouse, we're working alongside our partners to reclaim our title as a global leader in fashion, but this time we're putting Kansas City on the map as the place to source sustainable goods and IP.

Our commitment


At TealHouse, we believe that luxury is a deep understanding of privilege and our power to challenge the status quo with it. It's about demanding better methods, better technologies, and better sustainable practices.

​At the end of the day, luxury is about more than wealth, it’s a commitment to what we believe. That's why we've began on a journey to redefine luxury. Learn more about TealHouse.


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