Innovation meets fashion

Known for its progressively sutainable take on fashion, TealHouse presents an exclusive collection of Teal Soled® classic and ultra luxurious concept prodcuts.

How we approach


Our approach is simple, we identify where products can be improved on to deliver new processes and technologies that will bring the fashion indsutry into the next step of its evolution.

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Kansas City

Designed in KC

Kansas City was once known as a leader in fashion. It was second only to New York City in apparel manufacturing after WWI. At one point, one in seven American women purchased a garment that had been designed and manufactured in Kansas City.

Along side our local partners, we have started a resurgence to reclaim the title with a commitment to bring it back better, ensuring that animals are not harmed to make beautiful head turning fashion and with a commitment to being progressively sustainable. 


Jaqui McCarthy & Bobby Lounsbury

Jaqui McCarthy, CEO, and Bobby Lounsbury, Head of Engineering, came together with the shared interest of solving the most challenging problems the fashion industry creates.

Not wanting to contribute to the larger problems caused by the fashion industry, launching a footwear brand wouldn't be enough. They had to do better, so they combined their creativity and ingenuity to launch TealHouse Inc., an American technology company developing highest quality innovation to enables brands and manufacturers to deliver a progressively sustainable future. They began with Teal Soled® shoes.

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Charles Ward Photoshoot

Charles Ward Photoshoot

Charlie Ward www.Instagram.com/CharlieWardStyled Featured: Eliza knee-high boot New York, NY   Creative Team Photographer David Urbanke www.Insta...

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