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Take the world by storm with elegance and class.

Featuring TealHouse's signature Teal Soles®, and handcrafted from plant-based cactus leatherette, the Jaqui stiletto is a chic addition to your stylish wardrobe! The sleek style features a round toe and a 5.25 inch heel that will have you looking like a boss.

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About the TealHouse™ Classic Collection

Featuring TealHouse's signature Teal Soles®, the Classic collection offers a selection of sleek and luxurious ballet flats, high heels, and boots that embody the spirit of the modern professional. 


About TealHouse™

A pioneer in modern shoemaking, TealHouse™ is progressively sustainable fashion label on a mission to remove animal byproducts and eco-detrimental materials from fashion.

With your Teal Bottoms, you are setting new standards knowing that your choice in footwear is inspiring a new generation of sustainable luxury that is pushing the industry forward.

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